Maritime e-Commerce / Why E-Commerce

Why E-Commerce

E-commerce is most often associated with online shopping but it’s much more than just buying products and service using the world wide web. In fact, shopping via the Internet is only a small part of e-commerce which also encompasses business-to-business communication, transfer of funds, data exchange, etc., while maritime industry also uses e-commerce for various aspects of shipping such as chartering, cargo booking, cargo tracking, etc.

Benefits of E-Commerce for Maritime Industry

E-commerce offers a number of benefits for maritime industry and most companies have been taking advantage of e-commerce for quite some time. Some of the main benefits of utilisation of the electronic means (besides the Internet, e-commerce also involves the use of other electronic technology such as the telephone and fax) include:

Drawbacks of E-Commerce

Just like everything else, e-commerce has its drawbacks as well. The advantages by far outweigh the disadvantages, however, it is highly important to be aware that:

Bottom Line

In order to benefit from e-commerce, it is crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages discussed above. But considering that the whole world is “moving” online, the question isn’t whether or not your company needs an e-commerce solution but rather how to utilise it in order to boost your business.