How Much Do SEO Agencies Charge

There’s no denying the immense value SEO offers your business. When done right, SEO will improve your rankings in the search engine result pages to get your business seen by potential customers. SEO can go far in improving your bottom line by converting your site visitors into paying customers.

While the value of SEO is crystal clear, the cost isn’t. There are lots of SEO agencies in the UK offering a whole range of services, skill sets, and ultimately pricing options. So how do you know how much is a fair amount to pay an SEO agency to help you succeed?

For a better understanding of how much money you’ll have to pay an SEO agency, here’s a pricing guide that can help.

Every Business is Unique with Different SEO Needs

Experienced SEO professionals know that there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ SEO campaign. That’s why SEOs have to be flexible with their pricing and the nuts and bolts of their SEO plans.

A small business owner just starting out probably doesn’t have thousands of pounds to invest in an SEO campaign, nor should they have to. The SEO needs of a newly launched small business are much different than those of a large business that’s targeting a bigger market in a highly competitive field.

This is why the best agencies offer SEO pricing plans that cater to everyone’s budget. In a nutshell, the price you’ll be charged by an SEO agency depends on three things: the scope of your project, your budget, and the size of your business.

Average Monthly SEO Costs Broken Down

The two main pricing categories used by the best SEO agencies are mid-range SEO and high-end SEO. Here’s a look at what each costs and what’s included.

Mid-Range SEO

Agencies that offer mid-range SEO typically charge anywhere between £500 - £5000 a month. At this price point, you can expect your agency to correct any glaring on-page issues your site may have and help you rank better in search results.

The SEO firms at the lower end of this price range will often focus on getting you ranked for your keywords to boost your SERP rankings. Agencies charging more will offer more in-depth SEO which may include things like running a PPC campaign, link building, content marketing, digital PR, and help getting you seen on social media.

If your business doesn’t have a lot of competition and you can afford to pay a couple of thousand pounds a month, consider looking for an SEO firm that offers mid-range pricing.

High-End SEO

High-End SEO is the most expensive, costly anywhere from £5000 - £1000 and up. If you’re a mid to large-sized business with loads of competition, you’ll need all the SEO help you can get!

High-end SEO may be pricey but it’s worth every pound you invest. At this price point, you can expect a team of experienced SEO specialists to focus on helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors. You’ll work closely with your SEO team to develop the right strategy that’s tailored to your business.

Now that you have a general idea of how much SEO agencies charge, it’s time to pick the right agency. Once you spend some time sorting through SEOs, you should be able to find one that ticks all the right boxes for you.